Armortech Garage Doors

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Which Garage Door is right for me?

Don't settle for ordinary when extra-ordinary is within reach! Wayne Dalton doors come in many different designs, colors, insulation values and sizes. The Model 9800 features a magnificently molded wood-grain fiberglass surface concealing durable steel and polyurethane insulation construction. The 9800 offers a deep, rich woodgrain pattern that looks remarkably like real wood, unlike any other garage door on the market.

There are many different looks to consider other than the traditional raised panel garage door. Look at the rest of your home's architecture, and then find the design that matches it well. Most Wayne Dalton models come in a variety of colors to choose from and all are ready for additional painting should you decide to get really creative and paint the door to match your shutters or siding. Or you could paint it two or even three different colors to make your garage door into a true fashion statement. Hey, did we just use the terms garage door and fashion statement in the same sentence? You bet we did!


Model 9800 has an artfully molded fiberglass surface concealing durable steel construction. The high-definition graining will astound your eye. Even up close, they'll never know it's not genuine hardwood.


The Model 9300 vinyl garage door is resistant to dents, cracks, and corrosion, according to the maker. The door's construction ensures quiet operation and safety, while its polyurethane insulation gives it improved energy efficiency, the manufacturer adds. The product is available in white, almond, and taupe, with panel styles that complement both a traditional and contemporary home.

8000 & 8100

Models 8000 and 8100 are Wayne Dalton's basic, entry level steel garage doors. The Model 8000 is an uninsulated, single steel sheet door while the Model 8100 is insulated with polystyrene insulation. The 8100 has an R-value of 3.7.