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ODL Glass

Quality. Service. Innovation.

Over 70 Years of Building Value Into Building Products

For many years, ODL’s corporate mission has been Building Value into Building Products. We also believe our purpose is to build value for your business by making products that improve your customers’ homes, from providing privacy to adding a beautiful touch to an entryway.

We’re committed to building value through innovations in materials and manufacturing processes. In the 1970s, we embraced a new technology as we shifted from producing wooden frames to producing injection-moulded frames—an innovation at the time. ODL continues to keep its sights on what is ahead.

We also build value into our products through research and design. From the introduction of our TriSYS® frame system in 2010 to the inventive and beautiful Dialogue Layered Glass line in 2018, ODL researches trends and technologies to produce products for the times—and sometimes designs that push the times.

But we build value into more than just our products. We are committed to excellent service, defect-free products, and on-time delivery so that you can confidently represent ODL. A 20-year warranty on our glass seals is evidence that we stand behind the products we make—and so can you.

ODL has specialized in doorglass for over 70 years, and we’ve grown to be a worldwide leader in the doorglass industry with a reputation for high-quality products and high-quality service. Every day, we work hard to earn that reputation. That is how we will continue to build the products that build value for your business.

We Know Doorglass

This is what ODL does.

That experience is evident in the quality of handcrafted glass, cut and shaped in a range of styles to match a diversity of homeowner’s design preferences across the country. ODL’s experience is also reflected in the quality of doorglass construction: two panels of tempered safety glass, insulated for air- and water-tight performance. When you look at any one of our decorative doorglass products, you see a cohesive design, but many individual elements come together to create that design.

Light & Privacy Levels Each doorglass design varies in the amount of light it transfers and privacy it affords. We assign a numerical privacy level to each doorglass, from a 0 for low-privacy transparent glass to a 10 for highprivacy opaque glass.

Price Level Homeowners can also select decorative doorglass in a price range that suits their budget. Four levels, from the higher range Group A to the lower range Group D, are offered based on doorglass design and materials.

•     Low-E Doorglass Available with a hard coat finish.
•     Low-E Doorglass Available with a soft coat finish.
•     Energy Star® Certified When used with an Energy Star certified door or sidelight.
•     Custom Doorglass Families shown with this icon are customizable.

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